Around Europe in 40 days , Athens

I reached Athens airport 9 AM and fell asleep on the bench for more than 2 hours thanks to the exhaustion of the previous day in Cairo .


shot at 12;18


14;58 at the railway station , Greek sign !


15;09 near Youth hostel there were also Greek figures . I’m in Greece now !!

The guys in the hostel were quite friendly , I started to the journey to Acropolis hill .


On the way , downtown . Is this showing some bad economic state or due to Sunday closing ? 


It’s closing !


I climbed up ! The city scape!


Thanks to the God ! The weather became so fine at 17;20

The distinguishing Athens blue sky is falling on me !! Wow !


Also atmosphere was so peaceful , everybody seemed happy and satisfied !


This is the same old shot everyone tries to take . This is mine , anyway marvellously beautiful !!! 

Really the colour of Athens sky is like an attacking deep blue beauty depriving one’s soul . Overwhelming !

0  take スクリーンショット (11)

I was forced to dance with exuberance of joy !


Yeah ! Yeah ! Yeah !   

Athens made my excitement explode extravagantly !

continued to part 2

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