40 days in Europe , Oct 8 Loop bridge , Switzerland

I tried to watch a train going through the loop bridge 

It was 6 minutes walk from Brusio station in Bernina line 

A train heading north  and the other going to opposite direction take turns each  30 minutes due to that the line has only single track . So a shutter chance came only one time in 30 minutes . I waited patiently …

Here it comes !!!!!

スクリーンショット (2254)
スクリーンショット (7632)
スクリーンショット (7636)

Looping , looping , looping , looping !!!!

スクリーンショット (7635)
スクリーンショット (2240)

It’s going away , oh how I miss the lovely train after I waited much time !

From other point

スクリーンショット (7637)
0 スクリーンショット (7639)

What a dynamic approaching !


I came back to Brusio station


A view from a driver room


A modern cockpit


at 19;02 I reached some lake , snow was over there , very cold .

I never experienced that kind of coldness that behaved like wrapping and attacking my whole body with strong chilling , I felt pain !!!  It was a mountain side’s coldness , I moved to  Switzerland from Italy !  


I needed damn hand gloves .

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