Ignorant and crippled – mind Japanese public servants

I’ve been to 20 countries and 40 cities around the world .
After seeing N.Y , London , Paris . Tokyo became a very uninteresting rural town for me .
I am a world citizen , try to use an internatioal language .
There are 120 countries I am thinking of  or wishing to visit .
So now Japan is just one 120th for me .  
But for inexperienced Japanese – robot like – servants who can’t speak English and having ugly complex , Japan is still one in just only one , rural islands locating at the edge of the world .
Everything is half – baked here , small scale people in closed small scale towns .

They hate happy ones who can handle international languages , trying to intervene my using English .

Japan is the nest of jealous , crippled mind adult children and half of them are lolita complex , addicted to computer games and living in the false , virtual reality world . 
Never care about their ugly looks , horrible and laughable monsters …

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