Illustration In Autumn Park , I didn’t think of the future at all , The thinker sculpture fell and crushed

In the autumn park age 19 , I didn’t think about the future or life at all , , , , ,just hanged around with a girlfriend ,though I should have considered much , then my Rodin’s  thinker sculpture fell and crushed on the ground 

A strange night with my 3rd girl friend

My 3rd girlfriend came to my flat , watched the video ” Witches in Eastwick ” she chose , a fucking boring film , after that I suggested ” Let’s watch porn video ! ” ,At that years , early 20s , I had some nasty videos for curiosity , I said it for just kidding .

But , but she wanted to watch it , even though I was begging to fold down , she insisted to watch .And seemed she enjoyed much with hearty laughing , never frowned , it was so unexpected .

At the time I felt she was a some kind of witch who has a curiosity much , having tentacles .

though she used to say , ” You are 180 degree different from an artist type , just animal like “

Exactly , at the time All I wanted was Rock music , not an art lover

I never thought I would fall in love with Paintings later , seasons change

Really my life has changed

I made a illustration about that . I was stunned by her words .

And the consequence was like this