Original Song ” Let me be your Helios ( a god of the sun ) “


You are my white rose that washes my soul so pleasantly
But it seems to be dried now , you said
” So tired of working or daily routine ” …. Then ,

Let me be your sun
Let me be your sunflower
that cheer you up vigorously

Let me be an eagle that lifts you up
and takes you to the sky
Let me make you revive again !

Life is not perfect , I suppose
You have to proceed with trial and error
I don’t have a power of money that protects you
But there must be something I can do for my dear friend !

Let me be a fish that drinks up your enervation or lassitude
or let me be a black hole that swallows up your sorrow or anxiety !

Let me be your sun or a comedian that makes you smile
Your happiness is my happiness !!

Thank you so much for watching !