Shinichiro Matsuda Intriguing TV channels on internet


There are many enthralling net TV  channel on internet from all over the world. I’d like to comment a little .These are not famous like BBC or CNN but quite nice and sometimes you can get informations Big media doesn’t show or hide deliberately . Except PressTV you can watch many programs through Youtube .

1 ) France 24  : The debate is over 30 minutes rich volume with various guests , confering about not only Europe but also many countries in the world , like Zambia which is not usually mentioned as a topic 

2 ) Press TV    : Iran’s state – owned station . Mainly anti – America or Israel stance as it is said in the major media . Yet therefore , here  you can  see really different opinions CNN or BBC don’t advocate , like about Military Industrial Complex that sometimes provoke wars for economical profit .                           Due to anti US attitude Videos are deleted from YouTube and Facebook but you can check them by Google search ” Press TV ” . One disappointed matter is that they never accuses their own arms trading , I think Iran also gets profit by wars outside the nation like USA or developed countries ….

3 ) DW – TV : German news network , offering many kind of documentaries and interviews , especially ” Conflict Zone ” invites various countries’ guest  ( mainly politicians ) , and asks about a lot of issues bluntly . 

4 ) RT  : An abbreviation of Russia Today , like Press TV ,  the nuance is anti – America and other kind of perspectived are shown here . But the channel usually never mentioned about war economy which is critical for most wars . Because exporting weapons and making revenue is the one of the biggest pillars of GDP , so the channel doesn’t accuse arms deal and you have to believe only half about debates for war , of course in CNN and BBC the situation is the same anyway ….

5 ) Al Jazeera : Oil giant Qatar is serving this channel . Like DW they takes many topics . Especially ” Inside Story ” is fair enough . They usually  don’t refer critical points like arms deals and opinions are bit predictable and banal  but you can check rare matters with  footage  like  passing away of  Chad’ s president .

The world is big , not dominated by famous channels like CNN , BBC or sky news , I really appreciate internet that render me opportunities to check different point of views of different countries !