40 days in Europe and Africa , Egypt part 3 , Struggle for getting back to the airport

The sun went down , here’s the Pyramid in the dark .

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I had got a plane next morning to Athens , so I headed to the airport


But in the bus there was a little accident , when going to downtown from Giza the fee was 3.5 Egypt pond Instead 2.5 when I had headed to Pyramid . I exclaimed that to a conductor but he said it’s 3.5 …    A lady behind me said ” Yes , it’s 3.5 ” then I was convinced and it was a trigger with a conversation with the lady . 

I said ” The revolution in 2011 was a big news in my country ”  

” Oh ! Really ! ”  

” Could you tell me what has changed after that ? “

” Um …  People seems to care each other more than before . “

I say to myself inside ‘ If people are caring now by making  that messing traffic , what the terrible situation was it before ? ‘  As I remembered the really jammed streets and endless car horns I had watched and listened in the afternoon , of course I said nothing about my thought .   

Got to downtown and started to find a bus that would reach the airport , but couldn’t catch easily . As going forth , all the destinations were shown in Arabic , I had to ask drivers if the one would reach the port 

Unlike noon , I tried more than seven or eight times but without a result , finally a mini van’s driver said he’s gonna reach it . I was relieved and paied 3 Egypt pond though he first said 2.

But , but , but it ain’t get there , I became furious and said ” I’m gonna sue you , what’s your name ? ” “Adam ” he replied with fucking grin . Of course he knew it is just a bluff . And I was stranded unknown place , I hanged around little and found the entrance of subway . 

I was so delighted as a child who discovers a treasure island , thought ” I should have taken this from the beginning ! “

Again, destinations were written in Arabic , but that time an affectionate guy told how I would change lines . Yeah , some were fuckin’ mean and some were cordial enough to keep me sane .


A platform , developed as Europe.

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Taken from the carriage. The fee was 3 Egypt pond .

I was feeling some satisfaction as I found the underground though I was paying more 4.5 Egypt pond as comparing going forth .  Because , at noon traffic was so jammed and I was in a bus more than 2 hours just for moving around 22 km . The subway would never have messed up like roads , so I assumed my return to the airport was guaranteed , and started imagining of sceneries of Athens .

But , but , but , but , but , but .. Bad !!!!

The train stopped with an announcement of the last stop though there were 2 or 3 stations further more to the port .  I asked the train guard , and knew the line was temporarily closed !!!

I was nonplussed with an  ineffable consternation , thought 

” Wh , wh , what the shit … , what the fuck is going on ?    What kind of tourist spot is this ?   Trains for the international airport are closed ? ?   ” 

I was stranded again at unknown place …   

Short time ago , the question was how I would go back to the airport with the same fee as the forth way , but then it had changed to whether I could reach the port before the goddam dawn for the flight.  I gave up saving money and talked to a cab man I found . The fare was 100 Egypt pond. 

100 !  25 times as forth way fee !  But I had no choice , too exhausted and didn’t no what the fuck would come around on the way to the port if I would take a walk …  Incredulously I didn’t try to bargain about the price , maybe I was so weary and lest I would not have been able to catch another taxi had I not accept the bid .

The breeze coming through the window was quite comfortable and my body in fatigue was soothed but the mind was in the storm . 

” This is one of the most abhorrent days in this journey , I have missed the Pyramid due to goddam early closing at 5 P.M. and totally lost 107 extra money ! ”  The Nile river adorned by city lights was scenic , but I was too exasperated to intend to take photos .

As getting to the port , money was left 30 and I bought a small back as a souvenir whose colour of figures and paintings would almost fade away later .

But now when I look back the day , it could have been worse had I not save the 50 entrance fee of Pyramid thanks to the early closing . If I had paid for Pyramid , the left money was 80 when I caught the cab and I might have missed to ride those damn taxies .

Yeah journeys always include some accidents.

When I was on board for Athens , I swore I would never ever come back to the country again and I skipped the plan to go to Morroco from Algesiras 17 days later due to that I had  just learnt the unstablity of African countries , instead I roamed around Algesiras that day.

Yet , now …. after all three years I really miss Egypt so much , the place is eventually  quite fresh to me , for I have already a bit saturated with european castles .

And the city had some straight atmosphere with some naive people the developed big city lost .

Oh oh , Egypt you are one of the top on my list countries I ‘ d like to visit again ! 

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